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Ambit Energy Consultant - Join me in saying NO to high energy bills today.
Success from Home Magazine featured Ambit Energy as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. They've gone from $1 million in 2006 to more than $325 million in 2009--this during one of the most volatile economic times in decades.   
The company can thank it's energized field of consultants for spreading the word about Ambit and referring new customers. And that's what makes this Dallas-based company so unique.  
Since Ambit does not produce any physical products, consultants keep no inventory and don't have to convince people to buy something. There mission is to help people save money on their energy bill. They simply refer people to Ambit. Since everyone uses energy, they are not asking people to change anything about their lives. It really is that simple. 
When Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless sat down for a turkey sandwich at Potbelly's Restaurant in Addison, Texas, on Friday, April 24, 2006, they didn't even know each other. They had been introduced by a mutual acquaintance. Jere was starting an energy company in Texas, and after recently leaving a telecommunication company, He was trying to decide what he wanted to do next. 
By the time lunch was finished, Chris was excited about the deregulation of electricity in Texas, and Jere was excited about direct selling. They both liked the opportunity and each other. And they've never looked back.  
At that lunch, they decided two things: If were going to partner and start a company, that they would make it their vision to be the finest, most respected retail provider in the country, and they would never sacrifice their integrity for growth. Four years later, that vision has become the cornerstone of Ambit Energy's success. 
They began to formulate the concepts that would define Ambit. Ultimately, they decided that being the finest, most respected energy company in the country required us to focus on five key objectives:  
 1. Deliver great service and value to our customers. 
 2. Develop a great culture which would attract talented people to our
 3. Build and maintain superior technology which would set us apart from our
 4. Produce exceptional growth and financial performance. 
 5. Create a great financial opportunity for the independent consultants who  
     would join us. 
These objectives became our foundation. More than 70,000 consultants have chosen to make Ambit Energy their vehicle for financial freedom, and more than 350,000 of their friends and family members are our customers.  
As impressive as our first four years have been, the future has never looked brighter. The foundation is in place. Join the work from Home Resolution Today! Get Step-By-Step advice on how to make a new home business a success. 
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