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Ambit Energy Consultant - Join me in saying NO to high energy bills today.
low electricity rates
Ambit Energy! Provides an attractive alternative to your incumbent provider.  Ambit is approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas as a Retail Electrical Provider that you can choose to save money on your electricity bill. 
Savings! When you choose Ambit Energy, you can save as much as 30% on your electricity bill each month. There's no cost to switch to Ambit and no risk. Ambit is backed by a world-class service guarantee.
Free Energy! Ambit Energy customers can reduce or eliminate the amount of their energy bills every month simply by referring people they know to use our service.
Convenience! There's no complicated paperwork to start saving. Simply complete a short online order form and Ambit will take care of the rest. Nothing will change in the way your service is delivered. Your incumbent will still supply the energy to your home, and will restore it in case of an outage.
Free Travel! Enroll today and you'll receive a FREE travel good for a 3-DAY/ 2-Night stay at over 20 exciting destinations across the country. Plus, every month, you'll earn Travel Rewards Points that can be redeemed for incredible travel .
Earn! Refer 15 people to Ambit Energy. We'll average their payments and apply a credit for that amount to your electric bill, up to the value of your entire bill, every month! There's no hidden fee, our bill is easy to read. Gather loyal customers, we know, love and trust. After all we recommend things to people we like everyday a movie, restaurant, or our favorite bargain store. Now wouldn't they like to save on electricity as well? or get it for free? Here's a copy of a customers bill after their referral credit. Click on the link below.
Sign up on the web in minutes. Ambit is seamless, with no interruptions or changes to the reliability of your service. To calculate your savings click on
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